Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On the Rest of the Weekend..

So besides the aforementioned happenings of this weekend (which you can read here), overall it was a pretty good weekend! I hung out with Kelly on Friday night, hung out with Kelly & Cheryl on Saturday night and went to the Yankee Game Sunday! =)

Friday night after I got out of work, Kelly and I headed off to the bookstore and to do some browsing at some stores. We headed to Borders (not one of the one's closing) and I went to seek out a travel book on Alabama. They did not have any! Not a single one. (more about this whole thing later!) I did find some US based books that had a little info in them. So, we carried them over to the children's section and sat down and read them. Why the children's section? The nice comfy chairs were gone from the store! The only thing left was the round leathery donut chairs. I happened to find Bert from Sesame Street, and he was kind enough to pose with my books.

We browsed some more stores and then I dropped her off round 11 and headed over to boyfriend's for about an hour. Then it was home and to bed.

Saturday I woke up, went to Cheryl's, that whole thing happened with her roomie, and we headed out for the evening. We stopped by boyfriend's house so I could wake him up and so best friend could talk to Dan's mom. I woke up sleeping beauty but he wasn't feeling so hot, so I let him rest and I continued the night with the ladies. We got Ruby Tuesday's for dinner, and all got the mini turkey burgers but I got broccoli and cheddar soup (seriously the best i've ever had!), Cheryl got some bean soup and Kelly got the salad bar. After that we headed to Wally World and then I dropped them off and headed to boyfriend's. We hung out for a little and then it was time to go home and get some sleep for the Yankee Game.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early at 9am (seriously its early for me). I got ready, headed to boyfriends and we were off! We stopped and got some gas, headed to the bank to take out some mulla, got some Dunkin Donuts & we were off! We were on the highway around 1030 and got there about 1230, so roughly 2 hrs. We headed to the parking garages and every single one was $35!!!!!!!! Last year it was $20, I could validate paying that, but $35, are you kidding me?! But, there was nothing we could do but pay it.

We parked, and headed to the big beautiful stadium, found our seats and took in the view. Honestly, in that sun, it felt like 80 and I was kicking myself for wearing a long sleeved shirt. At least it was light. Most people had on jackets or sweatshirts like it was supposed to be 30. (It was 60). Our seats were great, we were down the third base line pretty much dead center of A-Rod & Brett Gardner.

The game did have a lot of hits, Jorge Posada hit two homers as well as Mark Texitera. Unfortunately, the Yankees still lost, 10-7. BUT! I did get to see my future husband Joba Chamberlain close out the game. =D
So all in all, minus that little "hiccup" it was a great weekend. Here are some pics from the stadium!

Waiting for the game to start. =D

Taken with Instagram.
Future husband, Joba Chamberlain pitching. (bf is okay with my obsession)

Taken with Instagram. (Love that app!)

Just a normal shot.


Michelle said...

Mmm.. broccoli and cheese soup! So jealous you went to the game! Sorry they lost :( But they are 3-1. Still good :)

Collette Osuna said...

Great pics...sounds like a pretty busy weekend to me!

Stephanie and Such said...

Love those pics!!


Jane said...

I love those photos! Is that just with a free iPhone/iPod app? I need to get it...


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