Thursday, July 28, 2011

A (Gasp) Baby Post.

I'm here to tell you guys best friend is pregnant. (Who thought it was me?) But, yes the best friend is pregnant! I'm super duper excited for her.

To be 100% honest, I was not thrilled when I heard the news. Her cousin and my other best friend Kelly told me. And I was all, shut the front door! At the time, the best friend and I were not speaking terms. I have to admit, I was pretty grudgey judgey at her.

She met Michael (her boyfriend and now baby daddy) about five weeks ago. They met online on a game and talked on the phone for probably about a month before he came down from Massachusetts and stayed the weekend. They fell in love that weekend, the next weekend were 'engaged', and most likely the same weekend they conceived the baby.

I was absolutely floored and in shock when I heard this. I just couldn't comprehend how someone she barely knew could mean sooo much to her. I was very judgemental. I was hurt as well. This man had just stepped into her life and completely pushed me out (or so it seemed). We fought, made up and fought again.

Then I took a step back and realized I was being impractical. This wasn't my life. She wasn't my daughter. She was my best friend. How dare I judge her?

So, last night we hung out.

We went to the baby store, she bought a body pillow because it's already hard for her to sleep. Which is a tad strange. I mean I've never been pregnant, so I assume everyone's body is different. But, she already has a tiny bump and her jeans don't really fit. Anyone know why? Her and I just both curious.

Then we went back to her apt and just talked. She was beaming with joy. Her face was happier than I've ever seen it. I told her how I felt. I was just scared and very concerned that he would leave her (lets hope not) or that he doens't really have as much as he says he does. She said those fears were in the back of her mind as well but she knew, with everything in her that he was the one.

We talked about baby names, they want Mitchell if it's a boy and Gabriella if it's a girl. I lovee those names. And I love her and her unborn baby even if it's just the size of an orange seed.

I will support her no matter what. I promise that to her. I'm so excited to be 'Auntie Nickie.' I'm excited to feel her baby kick and to throw her an awesome shower and be her maid of honor in her wedding, whenever they do get married.

To me it's really fast, but it's what they want, so I only hope the best for them. I'm in no hurry to have a child, trust me, and I can only hope when that day comes that she feels the same.

Congrats to my best friend forever. (even if you aren't gonna read this!)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Instagram Love.

I've had the Instagram app forever, but really had no idea how to use. Except for taking pictures of course! Haha. But I've figured it out. If you'd like to follow me, my username thingy is bunnni_chick. (yes with 3 n's, haha!)

So here's some Instagram fun I've had recently!

Kelly's mom found a perfectly in tact sand dollar in Ocracoke, NC.

The wheels. I still have yet to get em mounted with tires and put on my car. =O

The sky after work yesterday. Thankfully no tornadoes over here.

I got this last October. It's my second one & I'm in love with it. It says Fate.

Monday, July 25, 2011

On the Weekend.

This weekend was a quiet one. Boyfriend is getting ready to go on his first ever cross country 'vacation.' He is flying from Bradley (Hartford/Springfield) to Washington DC and from DC all the way to San Francisco on Wednesday for a Subway Convention. He will be gone for six whole days.

This is only the second time that he's gone away from me! (haha) He's not big into traveling as I am. I've been on 3 or 4 vacations without him since we started dating six years ago.  He's okay with that though, rather stay home and play video games anyways ;).

Poor boyfriend is not liking the six hour flight across the country though. He was diagnosed about three years ago with anxiety. He hates being away from home. He hates flying. He hates the feeling of his legs being cramped. (so do I!) But I just keep telling him, your best friend will be with you (he also works for Subway and actually got Dan the intial job) and your coworkers, just relax and talk to them. You'll have your iPad, just relax and watch a movie. Don't think about how much time there is left on the flight.

So hopefully he's all okay (I'm sure he will be!) and he'll be back before we both know it, hopefully with a gift in hand. ;)

Maybe he'll get to visit the Full House house?  =P

So this weekend pretty much consisted of getting his errands done. The boy owns no dress clothes whatsoever, so we headed to Kohl's to buy him some polos and dress pants. Then we headed to DSW to buy him some new dress shoes. Finally, we headed to Walmart so I could buy him a $25 Itunes gift card so he can download some movies and music for the plane ride as well as some plain tshirts to go under his nice fancy shirts.

Yesterday, he got his haircut, we went to CVS to drop off his prescription and had some lunch. Then me and his pup fell asleep and took a nice little 2 hour nap together.

Gf, why you take Instagram photo of me? Huh? You know I hate it!

Then boyfriend made us some mac and cheese while we watched Ice Road Truckers. He played some more xbox and I played my favorite search and seek game on his Ipad. Fishdom H2o. Download it. Doooo it. Seriously. (not for iPhone though sadly.)

Then we got some Friendly's ice cream. Went back to his house. Watched some tv and I nicely packed his bag for him.  (I love packing, seriously). I made a little list of all the things he needs. I do it when I pack as well. It helps me out so much. He just needs to throw his toiletries in and pack his backpack and he is good to go.

I'll be very sad though. But, I have some fun things planned. Time with the bbff (more on her in an upcoming post), a baseball game with a good friend (I think I have an issue when I spend 99% of my time with a family that isn't mine) and some good tv watching.

How was your weekend?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

10 Day You Challenge. {1 Picture of You}

    *(10) Secrets can be found here!*
 *(9) Loves can be found here!*
*(8) Fears can be found here!*
 *(7) Wants can be found here!*
                                                      *(6) Places can be found here!*                                                     
 *(5) Foods can be found here!*
 *(4) Books can be found here!*
*(3) Films can be found here!*
 *(2) Songs can be found here!*

1. Picture of You.

Well I can't believe I made it 10 Days, but I did. Thanks for getting to know more about me. =D Now grab the button and let me know more about you!

Friday, July 22, 2011

10 Day You Challenge. {Two Songs}

       *(10) Secrets can be found here!*
   *(9) Loves can be found here!*
  *(8) Fears can be found here!*
   *(7) Wants can be found here!*
                                                          *(6) Places can be found here!*                                                       
  *(5) Foods can be found here!*
  *(4) Books can be found here!*
*(3) Films can be found here!*

Two Songs

1. Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean

2. Chicken and Biscuits by Colt Ford

An Unsent Letter.

Dear Best Friend,

  I  can't even begin to comprehend the news I just found out.  I'm a whole mix of emotions right now. I'm happy, scared and quite frankly pretty pissed. What have you gotten yourself into?

I'm happy because I know this is something you've really wanted. I know you've thought about this moment  your entire life. I know that you'll be amazing at it no matter what. I'm happy everything is falling into place for you.

I'm scared because I'm afraid to think what your parents might say or do. I'm scared because you barely know him and how sure are you that he won't leave? I'm scared you might not be financially ready. I'm scared something might go wrong.

And I'm pretty pissed because I think this is a very selfish thing you have gotten yourself into. I'm pissed because I don't believe you are financially ready. I'm extrememly mad because there are plenty of people out there that just can't even do this and here you are, doing it. There are people who have the money, who have the time, who yearn for what you are going to have. (Possibly me!).

 I'm still upset that your boyfriend took complete control of your life. I'm pissed that he got into our fights, our business and passed judgement on me. I'm also pretty mad that you ignored me, didn't say more than a word for me for the past five weeks and suddenly this happens and you expect me to just be okay with it? You expect me to accept what has happened.

Right now, I have no words for you, other than these that I have written. I don't know if I'll ever have the words for you. I wish you well in life. Maybe one day we can talk again, but right now I know I can't.

 your bbff

Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 Day You Challenge. {Three Films}

     *(10) Secrets can be found here!*
 *(9) Loves can be found here!*
*(8) Fears can be found here!*
 *(7) Wants can be found here!*
                                          *(6) Places can be found here!*                                         
 *(5) Foods can be found here!*
 *(4) Books can be found here!*

Three Films

1. Grandma's Boy

2. Just Go With It (I love Adam Sandler & Nick Swardson)

3. Alpha Dogs

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

10 Day You Challenge {Four Books}

     *(10) Secrets can be found here!*
  *(9) Loves can be found here!*
* (8) Fears can be found here!*
  *(7) Wants can be found here!*
                         *(6) Places can be found here!*                       
  *(5) Foods can be found here!*

Four Books

1. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

2. Something Blue by Emily Giffin

3. Two Kisses for Maddy by Matt Logelin (if you haven't heard of him, please visit his blog!)

4. Shopaholic Series

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 Day You Challenge. {Five Foods}

    *(10) Secrets can be found here!*
 *(9) Loves can be found here!*
*(8) Fears can be found here!*
 *(7) Wants can be found here!*
 *(6) Places can be found here!*

Five Foods

1.  Macroni and Tomatoes

2. Meatloaf

3.  Baked Ziti

4. Macaroons

5. Turkey Burgers

Monday, July 18, 2011

This Past Weekend.

This past weekend, I spent a lot of time outdoors. I really wish I could even remember what I did Friday night, okay, that's bad I can't remember.

But, Saturday was spent outdoors with the adorable Kelly. We ventured to a new fishing spot. I was looking up places to swim and fish online and came across a road that leads to the Farmington River, where you can park for free. Unfortunately, people don't know how to keep the river clean. There were KFC remnants everywhere, and even, even, several dirty diapers in the water. I stayed away from them and only put my feet in but now the thought of the dirty diapers makes me never want to return there again.

My toes in the cleaner part of the river.

The cleaner area. 98% of the river was not as dirty as the area to my right was.

Farmington River.

On Sunday, boyfriend and I woke up early and headed to Boston for to hit up the science museum. We did in fact see Tornado Alley by Sean Casey and I loved it. Bill Paxton from Twister narrated it.

I completely forgot until I stepped in that the Omni Theater is a HUGE dome. It takes a while to get used too.

After the movie, boyfriend and I wandered around to the exhibits. We had been last year and not much had changed, so we kinda hurried through. Plus, there were a ton of people and almost every hands on thing was taken.

New this year was a dinosaur exhibit. It was awesome. Our favorite part is also going up to the third floor to look at the beehives. Many people don't bother going up, so it's very nice and peaceful. They have several hives outside as well as one inside. They have a long tube that goes into the hive and the bees come in and out. We tried to find the queen but unfortunately we couldn't.

Even though I know the bees are inside the tube and the hive, I still have this fear of them breaking through the glass.

We were so hungry by the time we were done that we headed downstairs to the cafe and the gift shop. On our way down, we saw quite a show. There was this little old man, digging in his bag near the lockers wearing gold sequined shorts. Now, I am really not making fun of him, to each their own, but it was surely an interesting sight.

Only in Boston

After we ate, we headed home for a night of relaxtion. It was a nice weekend overall. =)

How was your weekend?

10 Day You Challenge. {Six Places}

    *(10) Secrets can be found here!*
 *(9) Loves can be found here!*
*(8) Fears can be found here!*
 *(7) Wants can be found here!*

Six Places

1. Clearwater, Florida.

2. Ocean City, MD

3. Deerfield Beach, FL

4. Disney World in Florida

5. Tuscaloosa, AL

6. Small Town, AL (not the real name but I haven't found the right town in bama yet)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

10 Day You Challenge. {Seven Wants}

                                                        *(10) Secrets can be found here!*
                                                          *(9) Loves can be found here!*
                                                         * (8) Fears can be found here!*

Seven Wants

1. To go on a Disney Cruise. It would be a dream come true. I love Disney.

2. A real watch. Preferably a Marc by Marc Jacobs Rock Chronograph watch that I spotted over at Fashion Meets Food's blog.

3.  Right field seats at a Yankee game when Joba Chamberlain is back from surgery and there's a chance he'll be pitching. I'd die to be right next to the bullpen watching him warm-up. O_O

4. A sweater wearing kitten because there is nothing cuter. Kittens without sweaters are almost as equally cute though.*hint boyfriend*

5. An Audi R8. Hello, dream car.

6. To visit Hawaii. One day, I hope.

8. To move South. I've always been a Southern lady trapped in the North in my opinion. Now hopefully we can make this a reality in the next few years.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

10 Day You Challenge. {Eight Fears}

*(10) Secrets can be found here!*
                                                          *(9) Loves can be found here!*

   Eight Fears

1. Bees. I've never gotten stung and I'd like to keep it that way.

2. Heights. I'm even afraid of the swings at the amusement park. Terrified.

3. Losing someone I love. This is probably my biggest fear, I don't even want to imagine it.

4. Almost every bug out there except for ants, and tiny beetles.

5. Large dogs. When I was younger I was attacked by a rottweiler. I was even afraid of dogs before then and I have no clue why. I'm guessing a dog must've shown me who's boss when I was a wee one.

6. Breakin a bone. I have yet to do that and yet again, Id' like to keep it that way.

7. Scooters. Two years ago in Ocean City, MD at H2o, I fell off a scooter trying to turn a corner like a boss. Scrapped up my elbow pretty bad. Nothing uber serious, but it was embarassing enough to keep me off probably for the rest of my life.

Who knew?
8. Life passing by too quickly. Ever since high school, I feel like life has been one big blur. How am I suddenly 25? How it is almost fall and fair time? Wasn't yesterday just the 4th of July?

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