Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just One of Those Days..


I know, its the weekend, what am I'm doing posting right? Well, it's just been one of those days. The best friend, Cheryl, found out that since her new roommate moved in TWO days ago, that the girl is legit crazy.

She was really excited for her to move, she seemed like a sweet girl that a lot in common with Cheryl. She moved in Thursday night, which Cheryl was fine with even though the girl didn't mention it to her till she was all moved in. Then it began.

First, the girl complained to Cheryl that it was too hot in her new room, which is understandable except the girl demanded she buy a thermostat. Like was straight up a bitch about it. And I know for one, Cheryl does not keep her apartment warm at all because she hates the heat. But Cheryl didn't think anything of it.

So, Friday night Cheryl gets home from work, goes into the bathroom to get ready for her date and she opens up the linen closet she has in there. And she finds all the girl's stuff just thrown all over her shelves, and all of Cheryl's just tossed a side. Um, excuse me? Rude much! So Cheryl calls me and vents about it and I tell her just to talk to the girl, so she does and it all seems fine.

Fast forward to yesterday. I head to Cheryl's, and I'm chillen on the couch while she's trying to install the chick's Direct TV in her room. I'm sitting on the couch in the living room, watching something on the Disney Cruise Line when the girl gets a phone call and goes into the kitchen to answer it. So I'm trying really hard not to listen to it, but she's practically yelling on the phone and I hear this, "Yea, I don't get paid till Thursday so. No, I don't want a lot, not the cheap stuff either, you know I know what it is. Yea, I trust you and your friend." Um, hello, I know what you're talking about. DRUGS. And that is a huuge no-no.

So Cheryl and I take off for the day and I tell her what I heard and she tells me how this girl has talked about how she wanted to smoke pot in her bedroom. Cheryl didn't really didn't say anything about it, but the more we got talking, she decided she wanted to tell her.

So we went back to her house, and she knocked on the girls' door. The girl came out, apparently was just napping and Cheryl told her super politely that she did not want pot in her house at all. Not on her person, not smoked because Cheryl is a nanny and if for any reason the cops came to her house and they found weed she would be arrested. And instead of the girl saying thats fine, she starts arguing with her and that's it not that big of a deal and that she needs to relax.

So of course, I'm not going to sit back and let this chick talk to my friend like that and I said something, about Cheryl would get in trouble because it's her lease and she's the tenant and that it's like guilty by association and the chick turns to me and is like sorry didn't realize you were a lawyer or something. And did I ever want to get up and smack her!

So then the girl goes on and on about how it's not a big deal and then she gets into well I think I pay to much and that she is paying for more than half the bills and yada yada and Cheryl was like um, no you don't even know how much I pay. Then the girl has the balls to ask for the bills so they can renegotiate the price. Um, if money was an issue than you shouldn't have agreed.

So now it's pretty much a full blown fight but I kept my calm and just listened. Cheryl tells her about the bathroom stuff and the girl is like I thought we talked about it already. And Cheryl is like yea but you're not hearing my point. And the girls like I didn't know I needed to ask permission to do stuff like that, you need to stop being so controlling and learn how to share. I pay x amount of dollars a month so I can do what I want. Again, I wanted to smack her.

And the girl just keeps going on and on about how she pays money and Cheryl needs to learn to share. It's not that Cheryl wasn't sharing, the girl was just rude and touched her personal stuff without asking and just through things aside and apparently thinks because she pays rent, the actual apt is half hers and she can do what she wants, whenever with whoever. But in reality, its my best friends' apt and she can tell the girl some ground rules if she wants.

Finally, the girl decides to tell Cheryl that she must have woman issues or mommy issues because she doesn't know how to coexist with a girl, and Cheryl says, okay this conversation is done. What the chick doesn't know is that her mom battled breast cancer when she was little. Cheryl does not have woman issues, woman up here are just not easy to get along with. They are extremely fake and coniving and such. She is just proof!

So Cheryl is going to have a talk with her and since she (the girl) is living month to month, then Cheryl has grounds to kick her out. The girl is allowed to stay the month by law.

After that, we headed out for the night. We get back to her house and this car pulls up behind us and this guy gets out. We think he is for the girl that lives downstairs from Cheryl. (its a two family home split into 2 apts). But then we see her roommate, peek around from the bushes to get him.

Thankfully, at least for tonight, boyfriends best friend Chris agreed to stay with her. I honestly would feel the same way too! I do not trust this girl at all. She is way too crazy. I will just be glad the day she moves out.

After that, I went to boyfriends and then I was heading home. My former best friend, we aren't close anymore, lives in  the first house right when I turn into the neighborhood. I noticed as I was coming by her house that her car looked funny parked in her driveway, it was a the very end.  Then I noticed someone had apparently hit her car and pushed it from the road into the end of her driveway, so I texted her and told her. She finally texted me back about 15 mins later and the cops are thankfully there, I really just hope they catch the person that did it.

So it was quite an interesting and taxing day. People suck. They really really do.


caitlin said...

sorry you didn't have the best of weekends girl :(

But on a happy note I would LOVE to have you be a guest blogger! Anything you'd like to share I'd be more than happy to put on my blog. Can you possibly give it to me in about 2-3 weeks? That just gives me some time to schedule everyone and organize it before I leave! You're the best! Oh- would you like me to guest blog for you too? what are you thinking you'd like me to write?! :) xo

Carolina said...

i hope next weekend is better!i heard that living with same-sex roommate i think your story proved it...

hope you get a chance to swing by my blog! i have a rad bikini giveaway going on & it's super easy! ^.^ xo

Fash Boulevard said...

I'm so excited that I found your blog. I'm completely following now, I hope you will as well. I started my blog a little over a month ago. It's all about celebrity fashion from the point of view of an LA stylist. Stop by to see multiple post a day on all the latest celebrity fashion news. Would love your support. xoxo

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