Friday, April 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome (via The Daybook)

Sydney over at The Daybook is the creator of Awkward and Awesome. How does it work? Head on over to her blog (she has amazing amazing fashion taste, like amazing) and pick up her button and add your blog to her list. Then, blog about you're awkward and awesome week. Simple enough right?


-the moment when you realize that you and your best friend might be slightly at war with each other. but you're both too stubborn to actually say what's on your mind, so you just send her a lot of emoticons about the weather.
-when you go to the parts store & all 10 guys (really?) that are working are trying to tell you how great the guy you are talking to is. the guy i was talking to is actually my ex (we only dated for less than a mnth like 7 yrs ago & are still friends.) and he actually is the best friend's cousin. but thanks, i know he's cool! hahah.
-being in traffic last night with the boyfriend and watching some boys in a honda in the rearview because they were clearly giggling and pointing at my car. and then hearing them yell something. i thought they said beetle but they actually said veedub. are you making fun of my car children? i'll whoop your booties! hahaha. hondas and veedub kids don't practically always like each other. i'm indifferent.


-the awesome weather we've been having. i wore flippies & no jacket all day yesterday! =D i'm wearing flippies today but it's still kinda too cold for sans jacket.
-thinking about going to the outlets tomorrow! i haven't been in a while, and i think its time to treat myself to a little something. maybe i'll find a super cute cardigan like i saw at target for cheaper.

Seriously, it's so cute & soft. Gahh I want youu. I'm such a cheapo though hahah.

-going to the movies as well tomorrow. boyfriend gave me some free passes to hang on too. so i asked him if it was cool if i used them for tomorrow to take kelly and he said yes! =] dunno what we are gonna see yet. probably something cute or kiddish. i seriously love kids movies!
-just being in this awesome happy mood today. i think its because it finally feels like spring. the birds are singing, the froggies are doing their thing and the air is warm in the day and cool at night.

Have a great weekend everyone! What are your awkward and awesome stories of the week?

A Little About Me.

I got this from the oh so gorgeous Sharde over at The Style Projects. Since I have some new followers (hello!) I thought I'd tell you a little about myself. =]
Age: 24; almost 25 (may 4th!)
Bed Size: queen. =)
Chore you hate: dishes
Dogs: boyfriends dog Mulligan the Boston Terrier
Essential start of your day:  Breakfast
Favorite Color: Red
Gold or silver:  Silver
Height: 5'2
Instruments I play (or have played): have played clarinet
Job Title: Secretary
Kids: None.
Live: Bristol, CT
Mom's Name: Shirley
Nickname:  Nick, boyfriend calls me Hunni
Overnight hospital stays: None
Pet Peeve: People who don't text back till the next day O_O or ever
Quote from a movie: "What does "high score" mean? New high score, is that bad? What does that mean? Did I break it?"-Grandma's Boy Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: 1 brother
Time you wake up: 7:15am
Underwear: Hanes hahaha
Vegetables you dislike: Carrots
What makes you run late: Watching the Today Show, I'm not even kidding
X-rays you've had done: Just teeth
Yummy food you make: Meatloaf or Lasagna
Zoo animal:  Hmmm. Sealions

Well I hope you enjoyed this little survey about me! If you do it, let me know! I'd love to know more about you!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Comments Should Be Working Now!

My lovely pen pal Michelle emailed me to tell me that my comments weren't working, but they should be now! Thanks Michelle. =]

I should really not try and alter HTML myself, hahah. But if you any problems, shoot me an email at

Reading Wednesday v4

*Disclaimer: I have purchased all the books that I am reviewing. None of these books were given to me to review by any company. I just want to let people know what I'm reading so that maybe they will want to read these books as well.*

Reading Wednesday is now back. Cue happy dance. I finally finished Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. It was amazing to say the least. It made me want to laugh, cry and mostly it made me appreciate the life I have.

Glass Castle is a memoir about Walls' life. In it, she tells the story of how she grew up and became the woman she is today. She tells about her siblings, the struggles they had to face, and about her drifter parents. She talks about growing up completely poor because her parents didn't believe in working, afraid the government was out to specifically prey on them. She talks about the glass castle her father made plans for, promising her almost yearly that the dream would become a reality. 

I loved the book. It was such a real look into her life growing up. It made me realize all that I do have and appreciate it for everything that it's worth. It made me laugh, it made me cry. If I met her today I would probably give her the biggest hug ever. She is such a strong woman and has come so far since her childhood. She is a true inspiration. I highly recommend this book. (and don't forget to check out my best friend Brian's guest post from a while back on the how book was a huge part of his life & still is).

I also wanted to talk about another memoir that I am so excited for. It is actually coming out tomorrow! (I will def have a reading wednesday post on it next week!) I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before, sorry if I did, but it's called Two Kisses For Maddy.

Two Kisses for Maddy was written by Matt Logelin. If you have not heard of him, he is a single father and blogger. (you can check out his blog here)

The story tells of a new father taking on the responsibility of parents alone after his wife died tragically 27 hours after giving birth to their first child. I have been following his blog for a long time now and he just writes so honestly, openly and vividly about the struggles and joys he has faced in the last three years. He has done so much in the community to give back to other widows. He has spoken at conferences, set up a foundation in the name of his wife Liz (click here) for widows and their children and just generally made an impact with his story. 

Through his blog, he also shares tons of picture of Maddy and the stories of her travels. She has seen more places in the world than I think I ever will in three short years. She is a beautiful little girl and just from reading what Matt writes about Liz, you can see her personality coming out in Madeline. 

I highly, highly recommend this book. If you have ever lost someone, or known someone that has, this is the book for you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It looks as though my layout is well, mostly gone. So time to search for a new one. In the meantime, sorry you have to look at all those little we'll be back soon blocks! Hopefully I'll have a new one up this afternoon!

And I should have my Reading Wednesday post up as well! Thanks for being patient.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On A Few Of My Favorite Things..

Today is a kinda cold, raw day. I think it finally stopped raining for a while, but it will be back tonight into tomorrow. Oh April Showers. So I thought I'd share some of the things I love that are summer related.

Clearwater Beach, FL
Boyfriend and I are very grateful that his mama has a condo in this area. Every November, we head down and soak in the sunshine. It's nice to wear flippy flops I must say!

Kool-Aid always makes me think of summer and the beautiful days spent playing outside as a child. I still drink it to this day. Seriously, I made some last night. Boyfriend and I love it.

Flip Flops
I lovee flip flops. So much so, I probably own like literally 15-20 different pairs. It's an obsession. My feet love to be out of socks though. I actually loathe socks. So these are essential to my summer and fall and sometimes winter if it's not below 50. I told you I had a problem hahah.

Suntan Lotion
I really wish I was joking about this, but I'm not. hahah. I loovee sunscreen. It's really bizarre I know. But I love the way it smells. As soon as I put it on I feel like I'm at the beach even if I'm not. Plus, I like to protect my skin. I hardly every get burnt regardless, but still, I hate burning. It makes my knees achy.

Sun & Sand by Yankee Candle

Why is this the best smelling candle on earth? I could seriously stand there forever and smell it. It smells exactly like sunscreen and the beach mixed together which may just be the best scent ever. I probably have yet to buy it for the exact reason that I would sit in my room all day smelling it. Okay, maybe not. But at least 1/2 the day. Hahha.

What are some summer scents/scenes that you guys love?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Miscellany Mondays v6

Oh hey, its Monday. So click the button above and head over to lowercase letters. It's awesome, I promise you.
-This weekend was pretty blah. Boyfriend and I had Olive Garden on Saturday night. He got a beer, I got a coke. It has now been 6 mnths since I've drank. No, I was not an alchi, just don't like drinking at all, like ever. Except on vacations, thats it. For cereal.
-I may or may not have gotten mad at him yesterday. We went to lunch, went and tried to find this imaginary condo which we never did find and then it was back home. I was like really? We can't do ANYTHING else. I hate sitting at home. It sucks. Then I was a really unhappy camper when he slept for 3 hrs, but I did enjoy playing some video games.
-I also took mr mulligan for a walk at his favorite spot, the sand dunes. He loves it there because its a no leash area and he can just run around smelling where all the other dogs did their thing. I love the way he trots on the path, so excitedly. Next time, I'm bringing my camera to document it.
-It was supposed to be 75 today; but something tells me it's just not going to happen. The sun was supposed to come out & burn off the clouds & tada 75 was supposed to come. It's still cloudy & 60. But thats okay because I have class right after work anyways.
-Speaking of class, I missed my test last week because I had the most wicked headache ever. Nothing could get rid of it. I hate it because I feel soo behind now.
So how was everyone's weekend? I'm just excited temps are finally spring like. But, I'm already ready for the weekend again!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome.

Sydney over at The Daybook is the creator of Awkward and Awesome. How does it work? Head on over to her blog (she has amazing amazing fashion taste, like amazing) and pick up her button and add your blog to her list. Then, blog about you're awkward and awesome week. Simple enough right?

-Staring at this man while leaving the grocery store. For some reason I thought he was my ex, he was rocking a beard though and my ex would never. At least he wasn't bad looking, hahah.
-Laughing my butt off in the toy store when best friend was shopping for a present for the little lady she nannies for. I was following her around with one of those Baby Alive dolls that make cooing and ahhing and crying noises on demo, the silly thing was silent until bff turned around to look at something & it scared the crap outta her, I laughed sooo freakin loud. Sorry Toys R Us employees and customers.

-When boyfriend and I were at the Yankees game this past weekend, I was poking fun at him saying he couldn't trump the awesome seats I got him. We were looking around the field and boyfriend pointed out that he would love to sit at the wall; left field right behind Brett Gardner. I told him I wanted to be near Nick Swisher in right field and next to the Yankees bullpen in case Joba was thrown in there. Ya know, just so I could creepily stare at him like this.

-Haha, no really, I probably would. Erm, anyways, so boyfriend told me he had a surprise me but it was weeks away. And I was like telllll meeee. So he did, because we are bad at keeping secrets. He got us tickets to the Yankee game on April 30th, at the wall, left field!!!!! I had been nosey and browsed and found some for a lot cheaper and had let him know, so he got them. Unfortunately, right field was wayyy too much, but thats quite all right because these tickets are just as awesome! Best birthday present ever (my birthday is may 4th!) Thank you boyfriend.
-That it is going to be 80 on Monday. 80 freakin degrees! I am wearing flippy flops and a nice light short sleeved shirt sans jacket. Just makes me sad I'll be stuck in work all day. =/
-Hopefully also making plans with boyfriend this weekend to plan a little long weekend to Washington DC. One to view the sights and sounds and the other to meet our xbox friend Brian. Brian and I talk on gchat every work day. He is married to a beautiful lady named Brie and they have the cutest Rat Terrier named Boz. I cannot wait to meet all three of them. He also wrote a guest post a while back for Reading Wednesday which you can view here.

So what has been awkward and awesome for you guys this week? Any big weekend plans? Boyfriend and I are just gonna bum and see a movie, maybe take his doggie for a walk on Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone! (mulli says so!)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On the Rest of the Weekend..

So besides the aforementioned happenings of this weekend (which you can read here), overall it was a pretty good weekend! I hung out with Kelly on Friday night, hung out with Kelly & Cheryl on Saturday night and went to the Yankee Game Sunday! =)

Friday night after I got out of work, Kelly and I headed off to the bookstore and to do some browsing at some stores. We headed to Borders (not one of the one's closing) and I went to seek out a travel book on Alabama. They did not have any! Not a single one. (more about this whole thing later!) I did find some US based books that had a little info in them. So, we carried them over to the children's section and sat down and read them. Why the children's section? The nice comfy chairs were gone from the store! The only thing left was the round leathery donut chairs. I happened to find Bert from Sesame Street, and he was kind enough to pose with my books.

We browsed some more stores and then I dropped her off round 11 and headed over to boyfriend's for about an hour. Then it was home and to bed.

Saturday I woke up, went to Cheryl's, that whole thing happened with her roomie, and we headed out for the evening. We stopped by boyfriend's house so I could wake him up and so best friend could talk to Dan's mom. I woke up sleeping beauty but he wasn't feeling so hot, so I let him rest and I continued the night with the ladies. We got Ruby Tuesday's for dinner, and all got the mini turkey burgers but I got broccoli and cheddar soup (seriously the best i've ever had!), Cheryl got some bean soup and Kelly got the salad bar. After that we headed to Wally World and then I dropped them off and headed to boyfriend's. We hung out for a little and then it was time to go home and get some sleep for the Yankee Game.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early at 9am (seriously its early for me). I got ready, headed to boyfriends and we were off! We stopped and got some gas, headed to the bank to take out some mulla, got some Dunkin Donuts & we were off! We were on the highway around 1030 and got there about 1230, so roughly 2 hrs. We headed to the parking garages and every single one was $35!!!!!!!! Last year it was $20, I could validate paying that, but $35, are you kidding me?! But, there was nothing we could do but pay it.

We parked, and headed to the big beautiful stadium, found our seats and took in the view. Honestly, in that sun, it felt like 80 and I was kicking myself for wearing a long sleeved shirt. At least it was light. Most people had on jackets or sweatshirts like it was supposed to be 30. (It was 60). Our seats were great, we were down the third base line pretty much dead center of A-Rod & Brett Gardner.

The game did have a lot of hits, Jorge Posada hit two homers as well as Mark Texitera. Unfortunately, the Yankees still lost, 10-7. BUT! I did get to see my future husband Joba Chamberlain close out the game. =D
So all in all, minus that little "hiccup" it was a great weekend. Here are some pics from the stadium!

Waiting for the game to start. =D

Taken with Instagram.
Future husband, Joba Chamberlain pitching. (bf is okay with my obsession)

Taken with Instagram. (Love that app!)

Just a normal shot.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just One of Those Days..


I know, its the weekend, what am I'm doing posting right? Well, it's just been one of those days. The best friend, Cheryl, found out that since her new roommate moved in TWO days ago, that the girl is legit crazy.

She was really excited for her to move, she seemed like a sweet girl that a lot in common with Cheryl. She moved in Thursday night, which Cheryl was fine with even though the girl didn't mention it to her till she was all moved in. Then it began.

First, the girl complained to Cheryl that it was too hot in her new room, which is understandable except the girl demanded she buy a thermostat. Like was straight up a bitch about it. And I know for one, Cheryl does not keep her apartment warm at all because she hates the heat. But Cheryl didn't think anything of it.

So, Friday night Cheryl gets home from work, goes into the bathroom to get ready for her date and she opens up the linen closet she has in there. And she finds all the girl's stuff just thrown all over her shelves, and all of Cheryl's just tossed a side. Um, excuse me? Rude much! So Cheryl calls me and vents about it and I tell her just to talk to the girl, so she does and it all seems fine.

Fast forward to yesterday. I head to Cheryl's, and I'm chillen on the couch while she's trying to install the chick's Direct TV in her room. I'm sitting on the couch in the living room, watching something on the Disney Cruise Line when the girl gets a phone call and goes into the kitchen to answer it. So I'm trying really hard not to listen to it, but she's practically yelling on the phone and I hear this, "Yea, I don't get paid till Thursday so. No, I don't want a lot, not the cheap stuff either, you know I know what it is. Yea, I trust you and your friend." Um, hello, I know what you're talking about. DRUGS. And that is a huuge no-no.

So Cheryl and I take off for the day and I tell her what I heard and she tells me how this girl has talked about how she wanted to smoke pot in her bedroom. Cheryl didn't really didn't say anything about it, but the more we got talking, she decided she wanted to tell her.

So we went back to her house, and she knocked on the girls' door. The girl came out, apparently was just napping and Cheryl told her super politely that she did not want pot in her house at all. Not on her person, not smoked because Cheryl is a nanny and if for any reason the cops came to her house and they found weed she would be arrested. And instead of the girl saying thats fine, she starts arguing with her and that's it not that big of a deal and that she needs to relax.

So of course, I'm not going to sit back and let this chick talk to my friend like that and I said something, about Cheryl would get in trouble because it's her lease and she's the tenant and that it's like guilty by association and the chick turns to me and is like sorry didn't realize you were a lawyer or something. And did I ever want to get up and smack her!

So then the girl goes on and on about how it's not a big deal and then she gets into well I think I pay to much and that she is paying for more than half the bills and yada yada and Cheryl was like um, no you don't even know how much I pay. Then the girl has the balls to ask for the bills so they can renegotiate the price. Um, if money was an issue than you shouldn't have agreed.

So now it's pretty much a full blown fight but I kept my calm and just listened. Cheryl tells her about the bathroom stuff and the girl is like I thought we talked about it already. And Cheryl is like yea but you're not hearing my point. And the girls like I didn't know I needed to ask permission to do stuff like that, you need to stop being so controlling and learn how to share. I pay x amount of dollars a month so I can do what I want. Again, I wanted to smack her.

And the girl just keeps going on and on about how she pays money and Cheryl needs to learn to share. It's not that Cheryl wasn't sharing, the girl was just rude and touched her personal stuff without asking and just through things aside and apparently thinks because she pays rent, the actual apt is half hers and she can do what she wants, whenever with whoever. But in reality, its my best friends' apt and she can tell the girl some ground rules if she wants.

Finally, the girl decides to tell Cheryl that she must have woman issues or mommy issues because she doesn't know how to coexist with a girl, and Cheryl says, okay this conversation is done. What the chick doesn't know is that her mom battled breast cancer when she was little. Cheryl does not have woman issues, woman up here are just not easy to get along with. They are extremely fake and coniving and such. She is just proof!

So Cheryl is going to have a talk with her and since she (the girl) is living month to month, then Cheryl has grounds to kick her out. The girl is allowed to stay the month by law.

After that, we headed out for the night. We get back to her house and this car pulls up behind us and this guy gets out. We think he is for the girl that lives downstairs from Cheryl. (its a two family home split into 2 apts). But then we see her roommate, peek around from the bushes to get him.

Thankfully, at least for tonight, boyfriends best friend Chris agreed to stay with her. I honestly would feel the same way too! I do not trust this girl at all. She is way too crazy. I will just be glad the day she moves out.

After that, I went to boyfriends and then I was heading home. My former best friend, we aren't close anymore, lives in  the first house right when I turn into the neighborhood. I noticed as I was coming by her house that her car looked funny parked in her driveway, it was a the very end.  Then I noticed someone had apparently hit her car and pushed it from the road into the end of her driveway, so I texted her and told her. She finally texted me back about 15 mins later and the cops are thankfully there, I really just hope they catch the person that did it.

So it was quite an interesting and taxing day. People suck. They really really do.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Awkard and Awesome!

Sydney over at The Daybook is the creator of Awkward and Awesome Thursdays. How does it work? Head on over to her blog (she has amazing amazing fashion taste, like amazing) and pick up her button and add your blog to her list. Then, blog about you're awkward and awesome week. Simple enough right?


-When my bfs mom doesnt remember an entire conversation she had with us last week. She was probably sleep walking again.
-Seeing my best friends' mom last Saturday. She doesn't "respect" me apparently. Yet, I don't do anything but go to work, go to school, hang out with bf and hang out with best friend. I don't even drink. Her mom's biggest problem is that her and i fight sometimes. really?
-When bfs mom said boner. Yup, I'm 12 and thats awkward. She was rolling around on the floor with the dog and he got a you know. see I can't even say it!


-Yankee game Sunday!!! Michelle over at A Little Bit of This & That understands. =) Check out her Yankee inspired posts, its love (really! really!) and one day her and I will go to a game!
-Its Friday. don't worry I won't bust out the Rebecca Black song. I promise.
-Tomorrow is Saturday....okay I lied, maybe I busted it out a little. It's browse stores with best friend afternoon as well as movie night with boyfriend.
-Sleeping in. Nuff said.

Have an awesome weekend everyone! I'll be sure to post pics from the game. =)
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