Friday, April 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome.

Sydney over at The Daybook is the creator of Awkward and Awesome. How does it work? Head on over to her blog (she has amazing amazing fashion taste, like amazing) and pick up her button and add your blog to her list. Then, blog about you're awkward and awesome week. Simple enough right?

-Staring at this man while leaving the grocery store. For some reason I thought he was my ex, he was rocking a beard though and my ex would never. At least he wasn't bad looking, hahah.
-Laughing my butt off in the toy store when best friend was shopping for a present for the little lady she nannies for. I was following her around with one of those Baby Alive dolls that make cooing and ahhing and crying noises on demo, the silly thing was silent until bff turned around to look at something & it scared the crap outta her, I laughed sooo freakin loud. Sorry Toys R Us employees and customers.

-When boyfriend and I were at the Yankees game this past weekend, I was poking fun at him saying he couldn't trump the awesome seats I got him. We were looking around the field and boyfriend pointed out that he would love to sit at the wall; left field right behind Brett Gardner. I told him I wanted to be near Nick Swisher in right field and next to the Yankees bullpen in case Joba was thrown in there. Ya know, just so I could creepily stare at him like this.

-Haha, no really, I probably would. Erm, anyways, so boyfriend told me he had a surprise me but it was weeks away. And I was like telllll meeee. So he did, because we are bad at keeping secrets. He got us tickets to the Yankee game on April 30th, at the wall, left field!!!!! I had been nosey and browsed and found some for a lot cheaper and had let him know, so he got them. Unfortunately, right field was wayyy too much, but thats quite all right because these tickets are just as awesome! Best birthday present ever (my birthday is may 4th!) Thank you boyfriend.
-That it is going to be 80 on Monday. 80 freakin degrees! I am wearing flippy flops and a nice light short sleeved shirt sans jacket. Just makes me sad I'll be stuck in work all day. =/
-Hopefully also making plans with boyfriend this weekend to plan a little long weekend to Washington DC. One to view the sights and sounds and the other to meet our xbox friend Brian. Brian and I talk on gchat every work day. He is married to a beautiful lady named Brie and they have the cutest Rat Terrier named Boz. I cannot wait to meet all three of them. He also wrote a guest post a while back for Reading Wednesday which you can view here.

So what has been awkward and awesome for you guys this week? Any big weekend plans? Boyfriend and I are just gonna bum and see a movie, maybe take his doggie for a walk on Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone! (mulli says so!)


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I hate when I think I see someone I know and wave and it's not them...


Write it in Lipstick

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

Haha! This is funny... Cute idea. Anytime you see an ex is just awful! Even if you only think it's them. Is that a Boston terrier?! We have one. They're so cute!

Sheri said...

Creepy stares are awesome. lol

Have fun at the Yankees game! That is sure to be a good time. :)

J. said...

In the midst of blog surfing I came across your blog and was wondering if you could help me with a project. For my husband and my 5th anniversary, I'm trying to get pictures from as many different states and countries as I can with a person from that location holding a sign that says
Janae loves Jeff in ____________

I don't have one from Connecticut yet and I was wondering if you would do a picture for me?

my blog:
flickr group for this project:


Sharde said...

its cool girl, i love kids movies too! my man and i generally only see kids movies in theaters, i love the hidden adult humor in them! loved reading your a&a today :)

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