Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Uber Nerdy Side of Me.

When it comes to being a nerdy/enjoying nerdy stuff, I excel at it. I have this one HUGE obsession with a certain show that only (unfortunately) comes on in the fall, Storm Chasers.

If you have never seen it, there are some youtube videos of some of the episodes from past seasons. It features Reed Timmer, an extreme weather chaser, Sean Casey, an IMAX film maker, and Tim Samaras, a severe weather researcher on their quest to capture video and data of amazing tornadoes in the springtime.
I get giddy every fall when they announce it.

It all began when I was younger. I lived in a city about 15 miles south of currently where I live now. On hot summer days, when thunderstorms seemed more common and scary, I used to stare up at the dark clouds. I was fascinated and terrified of the spenldid power they held. I would watch the Weather Channel non-stop whenever a thunderstorm warning was issued. It was honestly (and still is) one of my favorite channels when severe weather struck. I was mesmerized by the radar, the yellow and red blotches going across the screen. I was moreso mesmerized by the tornado outbreaks in the South & West.

It turned me onto weather, severe weather that is. And when Storm Chasers was first announced on the Discovery Channel, I was in giddy shock. So every fall, whenever Storm Chasers is on, you'll find me glued to the television watching it, especially for Sean Casey. I grew to like him when I found out he was making an IMAX film of tornadoes so in dept, that will blow your socks off. (maybe literally!)

So patiently I have been waiting for his IMAX film, Tornado Alley. Finally, tomrrow is the day it comes out! Unfortunately, it doesn't have any showings in any CT museum or IMAX theather as of yet, but I'm going to email the museum in Hartford and see if they ever plan on brining it here. If not, then boyfriend has graciously agreed to go on a mini roadtrip with me to see the movie in Jersey City, Jersey.

Yes, that's how crazy I am about the movie. I am a tad disspointed though that the movie is only 40 mins long..but I'm still really excited! It will be amazing, maybe one of the most beautiful things I ever see. The man got inside of a tornado. I'm so ready for this.

Edit: I almost forgot to mention, Bill Paxton from the movie Twister, will be narrating the IMAX film. =O

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Collette Osuna said...

I think Blogger may have eaten my comment:(
I just found you through Sydneys blog...Im a new follower..I think this is very interesting...I love that movie twister:)

So nice to meet you:0

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