Friday, March 18, 2011

Interesting Night...

I was at boyrfriends, minding my own business when my mom called.Since it's pretty late, I was a little bit nervous and thought maybe something happened to my brother on his drive down to Miami with his friends. Thankfully it wasn't.

I was in the midst of watching House Hunters International, a couple was buying a beautiful vacation home in Costa Rica when my mom had called. She told me there were two cops outside our house and that the neighbors truck was at the bottom of the driveway. Of course me being ever so nosey, I decided to home in hopes that I could figure out what was going on.

As I turned onto the street which has a storage place on it, I happened to notice three cops sitting there. I began to wonder if it was related and shuttered a little bit about what could have happened since Dan's house is right behind it.

I finally made it onto my street only to be blocked by a SUV cop and I had to turn around and come around the block. I couldn't see much because at that time they were towing the neighbors truck away and the flashing lights were in my way. I turned into my driveway and headed into the house and heard my mom in her bedroom so I called out to her to come take a look and my dad got up too.

My mom was too afraid to look out the window but my dad thinks maybe the next door neighbors hit someone and took off since I guess they have been known to do that before. I did notice however that the house is eerily dark, I'm not sure if anyone got arrested or not. As soon as I heard the tow truck drive away I looked out my window and all the cops disappeared.

Which I guess is a good thing, and I'm just hoping its what my parents told me and not something worse. Still, I'm interested in knowing what happened and I'm kicking myself for not staying outside and watching from the safety of my driveway. Maybe then a cop would have told me what's going on to put my mind at ease. But I should really get to bed now.

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