Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekend Recap Finally!

I really have been thinking about writing this post since Sunday night; but I have just been feeling horrible lately. Stupid weather. On Saturday it was soo nice out that I was like hey I'll rock no jacket. Then I stood outside on Sunday night; and it was kinda cold.

But the weekend over all was awesome. As I previously said, boyfriend got Saturday off. Which meant an entire weekend with him! (do happy dance!) It also meant he could get a lot of the errands he couldn't get done, done.

First, it was off to the Mazda dealership to get his car serviced. It has only needed to be serviced for like a bajillion miles now, but since he works Monday-Saturday & they're not open Sunday, it's kinda hard. But, we dropped it off, he hopped in the car with me and we headed next door for some Mickey D's breakfast. We spent about 1/2 an hr waiting in line & eating & then he got a call his car was done. (we thought it would take all day!)

So we headed back to our city, dropped his car off at home, he jumped in with me and it was off to Lenscrafters to get some glasses. He's wanted a pair for a while since he wears his contacts soo much. So we tromped in there & found a lovely pair of wire frames that fitted him nicely. We were surprised again when we found out his glasses would be ready in an hour.

We then headed to the Family Haircut place so he could get his haircut. His hair grows so freakin fast it's not even funny, he has to get a haircut every month. I feel bad for our future offspring, the kid will have a ton of hair. They took virtually no time, so we headed back to his house to wait to get his glasses. He took out his contacts & we waited around till it was time to go then.

Finally it was time. We headed back down to Lenscrafters and the lady told us one of the frames didn't pass inspection so we left and went back to his house. He took a nap & I played some games on his iPad while we waited. I finally woke him up around 4 and we headed back down. He tried on his glasses and I have to admit I giggled a little. The lady told us he would have thick frames but I didn't realize how thick they really were. From the sides they are monsterous, but from the front it looks fine.

He wore them for a little bit but by the time we got to Checkers (first one to open in CT is in our town!) he decided to put his contacts back in. So we grabbed some food & then decided to head to some stores to browse, which is really one of my most favorite things to do ever. Then I told him about the pottery painting place for the millionth time & decided to just drive there & make him get out of the car. (I'm evil I know!)

He relunctly climbed out and we headed inside the Pottery Piazza; which is a studio that has pottery pieces that already made that you can paint. It's one of my favorite places to go. I've painted four pieces so far. I can tell you I am no artist but my pieces don't come out half bad. After you're done paiting it, you write your name on the bottom with a glaze pencil and then they fire it in the kiln. The turnaround time for that is one week which isn't that bad.

Now if we just had a frozen yogurt place....

Anyways, I showed boyfriend some pieces I thought he would like. I suggested maybe he do a Disney piece since they have color guides with them. He finally chose Mater from Cars! I chose a Post-It holder.

(I'm reading theyre website apparently we could have brought some wine, WTF lol!)

An hour and 15 mins later we were done. I'm so excited for us to pick up our pieces on Saturday! After that, we headed back to his house, played some video games, and watched some tv. Then it was home for me.

The next morning I woke up and had to wait for my daddy to rotate my tires. Then it was off to boyfriends. We bummed around for a while, him playing video games, me playing on the iPad. Finally, we headed out with Mulligan, his Boston Terrier to the pet store to buy him some dog food.

All cuddled up
We bought him some dog food and I got him some cookies. Then we dropped him and the food off and then it was off to Checkers yet again. That's right, two days in a row hahaha. Then it was back to Dan's, to wait for my gay bff Jesse.

Around 5; he finally came and then we waited for my bff Cheryl and grabbed her and we were off to Port Chester, NY for a volkswagen meetup! It took us about an hour and 15 mins to get down there and we had fun playing the license plate game. We read the three letters on license plates (it goes ###-letterletterletter here) and come up with some funny combinations. Such as PCT, Pretty Cute Tattoos. We were laughing till we were crying!

We finally made it around 715 and said hello to our friend Rich. Rich introduced us to some of his friends, we talked Volkswagens and then slowly everyone started to head out so Rich asked us if we wanted to head to Dunkin Donuts to chill for a while longer. We said sure and headed out.

About five minutes we were there and we were just talking and figuring out what we wanted. As we stood there talking a rather large black spider crawled down from the ceiling and almost landed on top of poor Jesse's face. We all stood there fascinated and someone told Rich he should take a pic so he did.

He was pretty big in person!

Around 10, we said goodbye and headed back to good ol CT, getting home by 1115. I really had a great weekend! How was everyones weekend? (more pics below of the Sunday night Volkswagen meet!)



Ny Friends (with my car peeking in the background)

Port Chester, NY (so cute!)

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