Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Recap & Love Day.

This weekend was a pretty quiet one since Dan had to work his butt off. It's pretty much become the norm but that's quite alright with me. It means being lazy and watching tv all night; which isn't a horrible thing. =)

Saturday night we ended up going to Ninety-Nine for our Valentine's Day dinner and then went to the grocery store to get some stuff to make for breakfast the next morning since we were having a sleepover at his house.

Sunday morning we woke up and made some eggs and French Toast and then it was time for some xbox with my bff Brian who lives in Arlington, VA. Around 1pm, we left for my Valentine's Day present to him, tickets to Monster Jam!

It was pretty freakin cool I must say. I love the sound of the trucks as well as seeing the entire frame just twist when they were running over the cars. Unfortunately, I was slightly disappointed only because the venue was so small. It was at the XL Center where the AHL Hockey Team, the CT Whales play as well as the UCONN basketball program plays. So they couldn't do any really big things. But the freestyle competition was pretty cool!

After that it was off to spend my Valentine's Day present. While I was venturing around Blue Back Square waiting to meet my first bloggy friend in person, Jan from Struck By Serendipity (shes such a sweetie, and I had a great time!), I found this wonderful jewelry store called Charming Charlie.

Everything in the store is beautiful and all arranged by color. The best part is their prices are very reasonable, everything is between $4.00-$25.00. So I was in heaven when I finally got to buy some stuff. I bought these cute cubic zirconia rounded earrings, this heart necklace that I have to unfortunately return because it's too small and chokes me (haha), and this pearl bracelet with adorable hearts hanging off. I def. need to go back and buy a ring or two, because I'll admit I love big gaudy rings.

(i didn't take this pic)
After that, we headed home to relax for the night. I ended up falling asleep while trying to watch Family Guy and woke up around 11, just in time to head back home for this week to start.

We didn't do anything last night, since we celebrated this past weekend and plus I had class last night. We got to place leads on mannequin. I can now hook you up to an EKG machine, but we haven't learned how to actually work it yet. I hoping we do soon! So far I absolutely love the class and I'm actually bummed we don't have class next week due to President's Day, but that also means more time to study for the quiz on Chapters 1 & 2.

And it means I can still subject Dan to more stickys on his body. That's how the leads are connected. It's these tiny stickys with a tab at the bottom and it has gel based solution on the back to help the EKG machine read the transmissions. So Dan is like my mannequin. He's not a fan of it though, but maybe he'll become use it the more I do it. =)

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