Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Boyfriend.

This is boyfriend. His name is Dan. He is 26 years young. He currently works as an area manager for Subway. He absolutely loves his job.

He was kinda just thrown into it. He went to school and worked as an Auto Body Tech. He thought he loved the job, but more and more he got stressed out about it. Then, they laid him off due to it being so slow. He couldn't find a job for the longest time, till his best friend suggested he work for Subway.

First, he worked as an employee, than moved up to manager and finally he is at area manager. He bascially does everything and anything. His job is tough and it doesn't just stop at work. Usually at least once a night, every night, someone calls him needing something.  I personally could never ever do his job, I like to leave my work at work.

Currently he lives with his mom. He is trying to save up enough to move out (possibly with me, but I'm pretty broke). He has the cutest pup named Mulligan. Mulligan is my little BFF. He follows me everywhere. He is 6, almost 7 and full bred Boston Terrier.

Here is he with his wittle bowtie on, haha

Dan and I met when I was a senior in high school. My best friend at the time introduced me to him via her coworker, who was his best friend. I thought he was so freakin cute. He had to be mine. We hung out for a while, but at point he told me that he wanted to be friends because he had an interest in someone else. My heart was sad.

A year later though he found me on Myspace and we reconnected. The girl he had interest in just dumped him so we got to hang out. =) 6 months later we were unofficially, officially together. I won't lie, we have had our hard times in life. We've broken up a couple of times, but always have gone back to each other.

We are currently saving money to move out, well he is. I need a better job first. I'm not sure where the road will take us, but hopefully after we move in everything will fall nicely into place. I'm not getting any younger, hahah.

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