Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Oh hey, its Monday. And I have luckily found a new series to do. So click the button above and head over to lowercase letters. It's awesome, I promise you.

(1)Things haven't been going quite THAT well. I actually am sad I don't have class tonight because it's President's Day. I don't have my car back yet; because they need an airbag plug and it HAD to be ordered. Maybe Wednesday? Do I even own my car anymore?

(2)I really wish I had enough money to get this blog a pretty new design. I love the layout right now, but I wish I knew more about HTML to make my own buttons and have cute font.

(3)Boyfriend has this new obsession with airsoft, so much so he's trying to join a team that practices in the next town over. Usually I am completely on board with doing his guy things but this, well this I'm not. My friend Brian thinks that maybe subconsciously I am upset that Dan isn't making me number one and is pretty much going to ditch me every Sunday for 95% of his only day off. We'll see what happens there.

(4)I'm ready for spring. So freakin ready! haha.


Sheri said...

I think your Blog looks great! Honestly, you don't need to do anything to do it to make it more "fancy" :)

Cait said...

just came across your blog :) its so cute! i'm so ready for spring too! i love your blog- its seriously so great as i just posted. you're reading wednesdays are def something i would enjoy!

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