Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday (via The Daybook)

Sydney over at The Daybook is the creator of Awkward and Awesome Thursdays. How does it work? Head on over to her blog (she has amazing amazing fashion taste, like amazing) and pick up her button and add your blog to her list. Then, blog about you're awkward and awesome week. Simple enough right? Don't forget to grab her button. It's there on the left yo.
  • getting scared to death yesterday by one of the project manager's. his name is steve, he's a year younger than me.(his dad is a project manager here as well) his work attire is a polo & khakis.apparently yesterday he forgot the tickets to the UCONN bball game he was going to so he came into work to get them and he had ripped jeans and a sideways hat on & it just scared the crap outta me.
  • when i get to my boyfriends and his best friend's kinda sorta girlfriends' car is parked in the garage. i know what you're thinking, or maybe you're not...maybe? i don't know. he still lives with his mom. when she's gone his bff comes and stays till his mom gets back. well apparently his bff's g/f amanda, the heat was out at her house on Thursday. because of the snow, boyfriend told her she could park in the gargage because it was impossible to try and have all our cars in the driveway. he told her she could do that that one day. but she's been doing it ever since. not rude or anything. (she didnt actually stay the whole time, she just thought when taking her bf's truck out that it was okay to park in the garage.)
  • when the insurance companies do three way calls with me. um, all i can tell is that one of our project manager's will give you a call. i always feel like bad. but we bascially just pass messages along to the guys.
  • finally getting my car back. =) i'll have to save that for the next post. the basic story is a guy slammed into my passenger side about a month and a half ago. ='( because Charlie (my cars name) is a VW, it's taken forever for his parts to come in but tomorrow we will finally be reunited!
  • that it's Thursday. yay! I need some serious sleep this weekend, especially because I feel a cold coming on.
  • that it's going to be 55 today & 60 tomorrow. I have never been so excited in my entire life for spring like weather. this winter has been brutal.
  • that my little project is coming along nicely. probably nicely enough that I will make a post about it. i'm excited to have found a hobby that I'm actually decent at.

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