Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Charlie's Story.

I'm not sure if I told this story on my old blog, but if I did, old readers I'm sorry. =P

Once upon a time, I was driving a silver Pontiac Sunfire. I was coming back from lunch in the town I work in, on the busiest street when this lady in front of me suddenly slammed on her brakes. I ended up rearending her. I took the Pontiac to the Progressive Claims Center where they deemed him totalled. I was issued a check and suddenly I found myself on the search for a 2008 Vw Rabbit. My parents and I went to a bunch of dealerships but the price wasn't just right.

Finally, on our last stop 45 mins away from home, we found the winning price! Many of my friends referred me to this older guy who no longer cared about getting commission, so he was able to give us a great price. I had already test driven a Rabbit many months before. I asked what colors he had left and he told white and red. I decided on the red one, so we headed out to this field about a mile away where they kept extra cars.

I got out and knew that he would be mine. There he sat, missing a hubcap, shining bright red. I don't remember much, except that the salesman said his steel was amazing thick and I was excited that I had picked a safe a car all by myself. (my mom reads up on safety of cars like woah).

About two weeks, I was driving my baby home. I decided to name him Charlie after my friends Miniature Daschaund Charlie, who is low to the ground and slow, two things commonly associated with Vws. (hahah). Charlie and I had been accident free for about 2 1/2 years, literally the most amount time without an accident for me. My friends always made fun of me that I drove him like a grandma, but I didn't care, this was a big investment in my opinion.

On the evening of January 6, 2010 I was making a left hand turn into Dunkin Donuts. It's a two lane street that I had to cross, and the lady in the first lane was nice enough to let me by, I slowly creeped forward to check the second lane and it was clear. As soon as I began to cross it, this guy (or maybe girl, idk) came speeding down the lane, and didn't even try and stop! He(she) hit me on the passenger side with such force I'm surprised no one was hurt. He(she) backed up and promptly drove a way. Many people saw the make and model and color but no one was able to get his (her) license plate. I entered the parking lot & looked at my baby. His whole passenger side door was crushed in.

My cousin Kelly whom was with me and sitting on the passenger side was thankfully okay, she just had minor whiplash. Everyone was so surprised that she wasn't hurt. I believe she didn't get hurt because we were talking and she was facing more towards me then the door. I was given a warning for improper turns. They still have not caught the guy to this day and I don't believe they ever will.

I drove my baby to boyfriends house, which was literally a one minute drive away. He brought my cousin home and then later that night I drove Charlie home to my actual house. The following day he was towed to the body shop and they began work on him. I actually brought it to the body shop that boyfriend used to work at before they laid off. They've always done great work..

Fast forward to today. It has been 1 mnth & 3 wks since I've last seen my love. Unfortunately, we've had to wait for parts, for this and that. Frankly, I am pretty sick of it. I was originally supposed to get my baby back at the end of last month. But every week its been pushed back and back. Today I am supposed to get him back, but that's if everything goes smoothly. If it's delayed another couple of days, I might have to go to the Better Business Bureau. They're doing a great job I'm sure and paying for my rental, but this long hold up is kinda fishy. I think Charlie probably sat there about 2 weeks before they even started on him. Who knows. I'm just praying he comes home today. =)

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