Thursday, September 29, 2011

On Vacation & It's Okay Thursday!

So I fail at pictures. I think the world is going against me on that notion. I brought my camera. Even changed the batteries before I left the house. And I, actually my friend Alan, got one stinking picture of the beach & then he yelled at me because my camera died, well mostly because I was down near the water & he was up on the beach. I don't have said picture either, because my camera is at home & I'm at work. And ohh, I took a couple pics of drinks. And maybe one of the beach on my iPhone. But, last night, I got a new phone, so I can't even show you. =( Boy, I fail. hahah.

So I'll just show you the one picture that my friend Rich took of my car while we were at a rest stop in Jersey.

Charlie. The love of my life. And Amanda, trying to hide in the passenger seat. And that big black thing? Ez-Pass yo.

The weekend was nice. Well not weather wise, but it was fun. Mostly. I was kinda dissappointed a bit because my roommate, Amanda, and some other friends decided they just wanted to sit around and watch Tv. Um, guys? We can do that back in CT. Let's go out!

We did a little. We went to the boardwalk, ate out, went to the beach and cruised a bit. But, we also sat around a bit. There was some drinking done. And I may or may not have blurted out something sooo stupid. My friend Alan was a roomie for one night (Sat night), and he got into town around 11:00am, we chilled, ate some mac & cheese for lunch, I made him do the dishes, we drank a little, went to the beach, etc, etc. Then he went to take a shower because he was going to meet up with some Audi TT's & their owners(haha) at a get together.

He comes out, fully dressed (duh!). And now I have to say, he is a very goodlooking guy, so of course what do I blur out in my little drunken state? "Why didn't you come out with your shirt off?" Oy vei. I just could not believe those words escaped my lips. Trust me, I was mortified. He laughed it off & said he almost came out without one on. Thank goodness for friends that laugh at the stupid crap that comes outta my mouth.

The rest of the weekend after that, I didn't say or do anything embarassing. Woo hoo. Got home around 5:30pm Monday night. Still so tired. And now I have a cold. But, I'm sad it's over. It always comes so slowly & goes so quickly. Can't wait for next year already!

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It's Okay... say embarassing things sometimes, gets your friends to laugh. =P have no work to do, when I'm feeling like crap. enjoy rainy days every now & then. lack on my grammar & use this "&" instead of writing and out. miss the Big E this year. I'm broke & ate way too much bad food this past weekend. (like a steampot!) start getting excited for my next vacation, first ever cruise!, even though there's still a lot I probably should get on doing like now. =/

What's Okay for you this week?

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Pamela said...

We just got back from a cruise! You will love it! :) It was my husband's first cruise & he didn't want to get off of the ship! Half way through the trip, he was already talking about going on another cruise!

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