Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Recap & Boyfriend is Finally Back!

It's been six long days since I've seen boyfriend. He had a Subway Convention out in California. It was his first time flying all the way across the country. But, he did it. (Long plane rides give him anxiety.) As I type this his plane is currently on the runway waiting for the all clear to fly the five hours back to the East Coast to Washington DC and then fly roughly an hour back into Bradley where I shall be waiting at tonight. His fly is due in around 1120pm. (Don't worry; he's not on his cell, FlightStats tells me everything.)

I'm sure some people (namely bff B) think I'm crazy. He said: 'you guys act like he's coming back from Iraq.' Yes, maybe I am a little too excited, but boyfriend has not been on a vacation without me since we first started dating five years ago. Sure, I've gone on some vacations without him, but they're usually within 6-8 hours away from here. Plus, he works so much and loves to relax after so he got a nice little break from me. ;)

I know some of you have long distance relationships or signifigant others that travel a lot and let me tell you, I admire you. If boyfriend had to travel all the time, I'd freak. hahaha.

I did keep myself plenty busy while he was gone though. Here are some pictures I took of some of the things I did over the weekend.

Friday night I got some Subway for dinner, not because boyfriend was gone, but because I truly love Subway. I also got a manicure. My nails are actually about a shade less blue, but I used instagram so they came out darker than they are.

Saturday I went to the casino with my friend Emily whom I haven't in a long time. We didn't have a whole lot of money, so we put ten bucks in the penny slots and attempted to win. We mostly just walked around Mohegan Sun, admiring it all and people watching as usual.

Sunday I headed to the Rock Cats game with Amanda. I had accidently bought boyfriend and I front row, directly behind homeplate seats only to realize he wouldn't be here then. Amanda and I had a really good time even though it was 93 degrees. I think the ice cream in the pink rock cats hat really helped keep us cool. ;)

It was a really great weekend with two really great ladies. I'm so happy boyfriend is back as well. Just six more hours before I head to the airport. =D

How was your weekend?


arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

lovely pictures! the baseball game sounds like an awesome time! (minus the 93 degree weather) :)

Juls said...

chck me out and leave a comment xx

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