Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Boyfriend is back. This makes me one very happy lady. I was unable to pick him up from the airport though on Monday night because his flight was delayed and he was landing at 2am. (insert sad face). I had to wait all the way till after work yesterday but I was so excited to see him!

He showed his mom and I some pictures and some of the cute little marketing things he got at the convention. He got a paddle ball. (is that what theyre called?) Ya know, the little ball attached the string on the paddle? I was playing with that thing forever. It doesn't take much to amuse me.

I really wish I had taken a video of Mulligan (boyfriends dog) because he was having wayy too much fun watching. Whenever I couldn't keep paddling the ball (hahah) which happened often, he would lunge a little forward and bite the air. I guess he thought at some point the ball would come off. Silly pup.

We had some dinner, talked about potentinally going to San Fran on our winter vacation and then I made him watch Teen Mom. He really gets into it. We both laugh at how stinkin cute Maci's son Bentley is. And we both boo at Amber obviously. ;)

I'm looking forward to the rest of this week now! It's supposed to beautiful, boyfriend's back and bff's tummy is a growing.

She told her mom, and actually everyone was kinda surprised but her rents are really happy for her. I guess her downstairs neighbor (she lives in a two family) is moving out so bff wants to take her apt because it's nicer, has a lot more room, hardwood floors and a dishwasher. Personally, I think they should look brand new. Her neighborhood isn't THAT bad, but it's not the most desirable place for a babe. And personally I think she would love the little change of location. Everything would be so fresh.

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Michelle said...

I'm glad your bf is back and I'm happy for your friend! :)

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