Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Target Tuesday

Head on over to Tara's blog FabulousbutEvil and link up for Target Tuesday! Target Tuesday is where you let everyone know what you're really dying to buy at Target.

This week I'm looking at some bathing suits for my cruise in December.


Even though the cover-ups are sold out, I just pray they get some more in. I really need to start getting all the "summery" clothes before they disappear or I'll be the only one wearing a Christmas cocktail dress to the beautiful, sunny, and warm islands.


tara said...

Those cover ups are really cute! Too bad they are sold out! :(

Krystal said...

Where is your cruise going to!

Life With Lauren said...

Have fun on your cruise in Dec! Love all of your picks!

Victoria said...


i realized i should buy a coverup for next summer,much easier than wearing regular clothes over my swimsuit :)

happy tuesday!

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