Monday, August 22, 2011

On This Weekend.

This weekend was pretty quiet. Boyfriend got stuck working till close on Saturday night, because one of his employees decided she just wanted to quit because she was having a bad day. She just walked right out. It's not the first time she's done it.

I did spend some time with Kelly though. We went on a little walk into a local park and we found a little river that has the clearest water we've seen around these parts. We took the opportunity to dip our feet into the water, climb on some rocks and attempt to cross the small river, only to find out that it was way too deep.

Yes, that's me. Rocking my Alabama Crimson Tide t-shirt and my large hips. Also, I have an issue with my hair being to one side all the time.

After I found out that boyfriend wasn't going to be out at a reasonable time, Kelly and I hit up the Wolcott Fair. It sucked. It was way too small and their were wayy to many teenagers around. The highlight of the night was wearing flip flops and venturning to see the animals. It was muddy between the pens were you walked. At one point, Kelly stopped abruptly because she saw a llama and was afraid it would spit on her and I almost fell. The llama found this amusing and ran over to the side of his pen to watch my almost fall. Thanks llama. I also forgot my camera. =(

Yesterday, boyfriend and I ventured out with his friend Randy. We went to DQ for lunch. Then it was off to Manchester to visit the Christmas Tree Shop. I finally found a lamp I like for our future place. We also got a little bobblehead of Mulligan, boyfriend's Boston Terrier for his mom.

We went to mall and then back home for the evening. We played some video games. (yes its my favorite hobby, I own an Xbox 360.) I made dinner, which consisted of cube steaks marinated in Lowry's 30 Minute Marinade. Baked potatoes and Green Beans. It was yummy. Then I headed out with Amanda for some ice cream at Friendly's later on.

31 days till my first vacation this year. More on that tomorrow. =)

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Cat said...

Sounds like you made the best of your weekend despite the change in the BF's work plans!

❤ Cat brideblu

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