Sunday, July 17, 2011

10 Day You Challenge. {Seven Wants}

                                                        *(10) Secrets can be found here!*
                                                          *(9) Loves can be found here!*
                                                         * (8) Fears can be found here!*

Seven Wants

1. To go on a Disney Cruise. It would be a dream come true. I love Disney.

2. A real watch. Preferably a Marc by Marc Jacobs Rock Chronograph watch that I spotted over at Fashion Meets Food's blog.

3.  Right field seats at a Yankee game when Joba Chamberlain is back from surgery and there's a chance he'll be pitching. I'd die to be right next to the bullpen watching him warm-up. O_O

4. A sweater wearing kitten because there is nothing cuter. Kittens without sweaters are almost as equally cute though.*hint boyfriend*

5. An Audi R8. Hello, dream car.

6. To visit Hawaii. One day, I hope.

8. To move South. I've always been a Southern lady trapped in the North in my opinion. Now hopefully we can make this a reality in the next few years.


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