Friday, March 4, 2011

On Life..

First off, I forgot to do Awkward & Awesome Thursday and I'm extremely mad at myself for forgetting; but I'll do it today! Promises.

So in the past month for so, something strange as happened to me. Something very strange indeed. I'm...becoming...a...woman. (gasp). I know, I am techinically a woman by age but I haven't felt like I've been an actual grown up until now. All of sudden, its like my woman flower blossomed.

I have become obsessed with finding things for a future "home" with boyfriend. I am obsessed with HGTV. I am really obsessed with cute blogs with cute families, with or without children. I want to move out and in with boyfriend immediately. I want to paint and decorate. I want to do projects. I do not want a baby right now though; I'm very content on waiting.

I think a lot of it has to do with reading your blogs, and reflecting back on my life. I am a diffucult person at times and I am okay with that. I am bratty and stubborn and so many other not so flattering things. But slowly, I've been trying to change. Slowly I am figuring out ways to make my relationship (well all of them really) better.

I also think school has helped. I am finally doing something I want to do and everything is coming together so nicely. I'm learning and I love it. I also love that I could possibly have a job in less than 2 years. I know if I had tried regular college again, I'd probably be 30 by the time I'm done. Not that that would be bad but I def need more money.

Finally I can't forget to thank my friends, family and boyfriend. I think they all have had a big role in my becoming a full on woman. (i cook nowadays, what!?) They have been nothing but supportive and loving and without them I'd probably still be stuck in the little kid world.

I am extremely happy for this change and I can't wait to see what life brings me.

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

haha I totally relate to you and becoming a "women." I thing I am in mid transformation as well!

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