Monday, February 28, 2011

A Guest Post: Great Book, Better Memory.

I would like to introduce my first ever guest blogger, Brian. Although Brian does not currently have a blog, I have a feeling he will be a frequent guest on mine. Enjoy!

Brian & Brie

As I get older I seem to have more and more memories attached to books, music and movies that were a part of my life when certain events took place.  For example, I had just seen The Wrestler the week my Border Collie Charlie had a seizure and passed away when we were at the park.  Since that day, Bruce Springsteen’s song The Wrestler from the movie is forever attached to that memory.  Whenever I hear that song I think of Charlie.  
Luckily not all of these memories are as sad as Charlie’s.
My wife Brie and I had met in college and soon after graduation moved to California to start out lives together.  We had lived there for just over a year before deciding to move to Florida in order to plan our wedding with her family who live there.  We would need to drive our car cross country to make the trip.  This meant 3 days in a cramped 2002 Lincoln LS for two not quite newlyweds.  Neither of us had ever listened to a book on tape, so we thought now would be a good time to start.  It was 2007, and The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls had been out for a couple of years.  Brie was dying to read it, I of course was not.  And like most things I soon found out, my better half was right.
This is not a review of the book, but let me just say that it is one of best books I have ever read or listened to.  I recommend it to every person I meet.  That being said, the smile I get every time I talk about the book is not from Jeannette’s incredible story.  The smile comes from thinking of the journey Brie and I were starting out on.  That trip was the beginning of the rest of our life. It would lead to our Marriage, our moving to current home and many more things along the way. Most of where we are today started on that trip.  Although our time together has been short, it has been exciting and full of love.  And I always think back to that trip from California to Florida, and inevitably to The Glass Castle, with nothing but a smile.

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