Monday, November 14, 2011

So...It's Been A While.

It's been a long time since I've actually been on blogger, my work computer does not like it anymore. But, I'm back...this time I promise!

This week was a pretty quiet one. I went hiking through the woods on Saturday with Kel.

Then it was off to see the preggo best friend for dessert. She's having a girl and her name will be Amelia May. I feel weird, but I was totally conversing with her inside the best friend's tummy about how her auntie is gonna spoil her...with Yankees stuff.

On Sunday, headed over to The Counter for lunch with my friends. It's a build-your-own burger place and it's soooo good. I got a weird kinda burger.

That's right, a chicken burger with cheese, mayo and hard-boiled eggs. It was really good though. I really want the bison burger, but last time I had that at Cabela's it didn't agree with my tummy.

Well I'm off to comment on your blogs and see what I missed, hopefully not too much.

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Sharde said...

i LOVE the idea of THE COUNTER, but the one here has terrible service! ive been there a few times, but ive just been nothing but disappointed each time :( but my burger was great though! i hope yours has better service than mine!
sharde’ @ the style projects

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