Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Ok Thursday!

Today I'm linking up for It's Okay Thursday, so head on over to Amber's blog, Brunch with Amber and link up!

It's Okay... wish that the rain would go away and somehow backtrack down to Texas to put out all those wildfires. We don't need more flooding. (which we have yet again). start silently freaking out that I am no where near ready for my vacation in 2 weeks, 1 day. bring your best friend with you to get your car checked out by an old vw friend just in case some new vw kids are there, who happen to be jerks. just.dont.say.a.word. =) admit that at the tender young age of 25 that I am yes, indeed, on high blood pressure medication. admit I'm on it because I smoke cigs and for a little while, I ate very poorly and am about 53 lbs over weight. =(

...def. okay, to say that I am absolutely doing something about it. I've been eating better and bringing bfs pup on long walks every night. My smoking problem will be handled next. One step at a time. be lazy this weekend. I have two books I want to read, and one I need to finish reading on my Nook. Saving money is what the cool kids are trying to do. hah.

What are you okay with this week?


Mallory said...

Ahh- the rain has been out of control by me too. The lawn keeps flooding- awesome.

Anonymous said...

Linking up from Brunch With Amber...

I gotta say that I totally smoked way too much and my blood pressure was constantly high. I finally quit cold turkey exactly 50 days ago!!
I'm 59 pounds overweight and my scale tells me I'm obese. I hate that word, lol. Oh well, I love food and sweets.

Hehe, loved your blog!!!

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