Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Ok Thursday!

Today I'm linking with Amber from Brunch with Amber for It's Ok Thurdays!

It's Ok... argue with boys on the vw forums when it comes to selling my wheels. no you can not get them for $100 less. be lazy at work today. no work to be had! watch videos of last year's H2o International in Ocean City, MD and get really excited that it's in 22 days! get frozen yougurt from Yogurt Madness once a week. be way too excited to head to Old Navy and scoop up some Alabama Crimson Tide gear. want to stay home Saturday afternoon and watch the Crimson Tide kick some butt in their season opener. be a little bit sad that I'm not still in high school and today is not my first day back. fall asleep on my boyfriend's dog's bed last night on the floor after I got out of work. be told that I make strange noises when sleeping. be excited for my first ever cruise with boyfriend, even if it's not till Decemeber 5th. annoy your online bff Brian with millions of cruise questions. (hahah B!) embark on a new project.


Marina said...

It's always ok to be lazy :)

Amber said...

Mmm fro-yo! Now I want some :) Thanks for linking up girl!

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