Friday, July 22, 2011

An Unsent Letter.

Dear Best Friend,

  I  can't even begin to comprehend the news I just found out.  I'm a whole mix of emotions right now. I'm happy, scared and quite frankly pretty pissed. What have you gotten yourself into?

I'm happy because I know this is something you've really wanted. I know you've thought about this moment  your entire life. I know that you'll be amazing at it no matter what. I'm happy everything is falling into place for you.

I'm scared because I'm afraid to think what your parents might say or do. I'm scared because you barely know him and how sure are you that he won't leave? I'm scared you might not be financially ready. I'm scared something might go wrong.

And I'm pretty pissed because I think this is a very selfish thing you have gotten yourself into. I'm pissed because I don't believe you are financially ready. I'm extrememly mad because there are plenty of people out there that just can't even do this and here you are, doing it. There are people who have the money, who have the time, who yearn for what you are going to have. (Possibly me!).

 I'm still upset that your boyfriend took complete control of your life. I'm pissed that he got into our fights, our business and passed judgement on me. I'm also pretty mad that you ignored me, didn't say more than a word for me for the past five weeks and suddenly this happens and you expect me to just be okay with it? You expect me to accept what has happened.

Right now, I have no words for you, other than these that I have written. I don't know if I'll ever have the words for you. I wish you well in life. Maybe one day we can talk again, but right now I know I can't.

 your bbff

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