Monday, July 18, 2011

This Past Weekend.

This past weekend, I spent a lot of time outdoors. I really wish I could even remember what I did Friday night, okay, that's bad I can't remember.

But, Saturday was spent outdoors with the adorable Kelly. We ventured to a new fishing spot. I was looking up places to swim and fish online and came across a road that leads to the Farmington River, where you can park for free. Unfortunately, people don't know how to keep the river clean. There were KFC remnants everywhere, and even, even, several dirty diapers in the water. I stayed away from them and only put my feet in but now the thought of the dirty diapers makes me never want to return there again.

My toes in the cleaner part of the river.

The cleaner area. 98% of the river was not as dirty as the area to my right was.

Farmington River.

On Sunday, boyfriend and I woke up early and headed to Boston for to hit up the science museum. We did in fact see Tornado Alley by Sean Casey and I loved it. Bill Paxton from Twister narrated it.

I completely forgot until I stepped in that the Omni Theater is a HUGE dome. It takes a while to get used too.

After the movie, boyfriend and I wandered around to the exhibits. We had been last year and not much had changed, so we kinda hurried through. Plus, there were a ton of people and almost every hands on thing was taken.

New this year was a dinosaur exhibit. It was awesome. Our favorite part is also going up to the third floor to look at the beehives. Many people don't bother going up, so it's very nice and peaceful. They have several hives outside as well as one inside. They have a long tube that goes into the hive and the bees come in and out. We tried to find the queen but unfortunately we couldn't.

Even though I know the bees are inside the tube and the hive, I still have this fear of them breaking through the glass.

We were so hungry by the time we were done that we headed downstairs to the cafe and the gift shop. On our way down, we saw quite a show. There was this little old man, digging in his bag near the lockers wearing gold sequined shorts. Now, I am really not making fun of him, to each their own, but it was surely an interesting sight.

Only in Boston

After we ate, we headed home for a night of relaxtion. It was a nice weekend overall. =)

How was your weekend?

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