Monday, July 25, 2011

On the Weekend.

This weekend was a quiet one. Boyfriend is getting ready to go on his first ever cross country 'vacation.' He is flying from Bradley (Hartford/Springfield) to Washington DC and from DC all the way to San Francisco on Wednesday for a Subway Convention. He will be gone for six whole days.

This is only the second time that he's gone away from me! (haha) He's not big into traveling as I am. I've been on 3 or 4 vacations without him since we started dating six years ago.  He's okay with that though, rather stay home and play video games anyways ;).

Poor boyfriend is not liking the six hour flight across the country though. He was diagnosed about three years ago with anxiety. He hates being away from home. He hates flying. He hates the feeling of his legs being cramped. (so do I!) But I just keep telling him, your best friend will be with you (he also works for Subway and actually got Dan the intial job) and your coworkers, just relax and talk to them. You'll have your iPad, just relax and watch a movie. Don't think about how much time there is left on the flight.

So hopefully he's all okay (I'm sure he will be!) and he'll be back before we both know it, hopefully with a gift in hand. ;)

Maybe he'll get to visit the Full House house?  =P

So this weekend pretty much consisted of getting his errands done. The boy owns no dress clothes whatsoever, so we headed to Kohl's to buy him some polos and dress pants. Then we headed to DSW to buy him some new dress shoes. Finally, we headed to Walmart so I could buy him a $25 Itunes gift card so he can download some movies and music for the plane ride as well as some plain tshirts to go under his nice fancy shirts.

Yesterday, he got his haircut, we went to CVS to drop off his prescription and had some lunch. Then me and his pup fell asleep and took a nice little 2 hour nap together.

Gf, why you take Instagram photo of me? Huh? You know I hate it!

Then boyfriend made us some mac and cheese while we watched Ice Road Truckers. He played some more xbox and I played my favorite search and seek game on his Ipad. Fishdom H2o. Download it. Doooo it. Seriously. (not for iPhone though sadly.)

Then we got some Friendly's ice cream. Went back to his house. Watched some tv and I nicely packed his bag for him.  (I love packing, seriously). I made a little list of all the things he needs. I do it when I pack as well. It helps me out so much. He just needs to throw his toiletries in and pack his backpack and he is good to go.

I'll be very sad though. But, I have some fun things planned. Time with the bbff (more on her in an upcoming post), a baseball game with a good friend (I think I have an issue when I spend 99% of my time with a family that isn't mine) and some good tv watching.

How was your weekend?

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