Friday, May 20, 2011

On Where I've Been...

Hello all. I must first apologize for my abscence. I missed all of you a lot. I missed reading your blogs and commenting. But, I'm back now. I have to tell you work has been overwhelming to say the least. It's just plain sucked. Lots of things have actually. But, as life goes, things are getting better! I am back! =D

This weekend is going to kick butt for many reasons. I am going shopping, fishing, to a graduation and to a  concert! Squeeeelll!

So this happy go luck kid, that I call my brother is graduating from college tomorrow morning! =O
In Cali on his 21st birthday last year.
Can someone pinch me or something?! My brother Kevin, is graduating from a CT college with a degree in Secondary Education with a focus in Math. (aka high school math teacher wannabeee). I am so proud of him. He worked his butt off. There were many a late nights doing homework and studying and now the day has finally come. He has also been applying for teaching positions around the state as well, and I really hope he gets something soon! Congrats to my wonderful, pain in the butt brother. =P You're gonna be a kick butt teacher. (also hes single ladies! lol)

I have also recently taken up fishing. Even bought myself a handy dandy license. =) So Kel & I go fishing just about everyday that it's warm/not raining/thunderstorming. (I know its not a word lol). So far we've caught four fish. Three sunfish and one large mouth bass.

Crescent Lake.
We found this little gem off a website. I had no idea where it even was; but with the help of my handy dandy iPhone, I was able to find it. It's tucked back amongst some rolling hills about a mile from a major interstate. It really feels like you're in a different world though and we loveee it! That floating dock right there is usually where you can find us.

And finally the thing I am most excited for (besides my bro graduating of course!) is that I am going to the first country concert of the year. I am excited to being going with my two lovely ladies to see.....

                                       JASON ALDEAN!!!

Ahhh! I am so so excited. He is headlining and Janedear Girls as well as Eric Church will be there. It's only my second country concert ever and I am excited. I just recently really got into country music and I cannot get enough of it. Slowly my playlist is converting to country. =D I'll explain all the country loving in a different post. Promise!

(Michelle we need to go to one of his concert's together! I know how much you adore him!!!)

So, that's pretty much my upcoming weekend. After this, it's gonna be a pretty quiet summer. Maybe a couple concerts, lots of fishing and lots of just chillen out. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I hope to get to reading and commenting on some of your posts soon! =D


arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

love country music! that sounds like an awesome concert! :)

Sheri said...

Yay! I'm glad you are back! Your brother is a cutie and single? lol I'm prob way too old for him though.

That country singer guy is hot! I've never heard of him before. I live in AL too... but honestly I never pay attention to country music stuff (the shame, I know) :P

That fishing spot you found looks very pretty! Having any luck catching fish there?

Sheri said...

BTW - I'm having an issue posting a comment on here, it makes me have to "Preview" it to get it to post... the captchia thing isn't showing at all and makes it look like it posted but never lets me. :(

Nickie. said...

I dont know why its doing that! It did that to me yesterday when I tried to comment on someones blog. Maybe it was a blogger glitch or soemthing haha.

I got both your comments though!

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